Daily Prompt

(create a scene that involves unsalted pretzels and a spray bottle.)

This scene begins with a young man named Earl and his little brother Bud.

Earl: “Did you bring the bottle?”

Bud: “What bottle?”

Earl: “The spray bottle, dummy!”

Bud: “Spray bottle?” What for?”

Earl: “Bud, really. Are we going to have pretzels tonight or not?”

Bud: “Oh yeah…pretzels. Why the spray bottle?”

Earl: “Because, ninny, the pretzels aren’t salted.”

Bud: “How you gonna salt ‘um with a spray bottle?”

Earl: “Jimmy-ne Cricket, boy, don’t you know anything?

Bud: “Yeah, lots…whatcha wanna know?”

Earl looked at him with disgust “The bottle, besides water, has soda in it.”

Bud: “Hmmm…why?”

Earl: Gritting his teeth Earl pronounced each word slowly “water-melts-soda.”

Bud: “You still won’t have any salt.”

Earl: “I’m not bringing you any more!”

Bud: “Why?”

Earl: “Don’t start that again!”

Bud: “Oh, okay. By the way, I brought the salt. You’z supposed to bring anything else. Did you bring the pretzels?

WINTER’S TEASE                                   

Love is the only emotion that expands intelligence; listen to the world speak to you, Derek Walcott

Shine forth, oh winter tease

Grant that eyes consume your freeze

In beauty anxieties welcome rest

  Demonstrations of all that’s blessed

Thou hath no wounds to call forth pain

In peace and quiet we have lain

 Allowing winter’s healing magic test

  Draw us to yon  branches  cold and bare

    Forgetting discomforts of frozen air

   Allowing  beauty to charm our souls

       With the love and patience of the bold.

“Diversity”: Poem by Bette A. Stevens

Bette A. Stevens, Maine Author


by Bette A. Stevens

Splendor of countless pigments
In gardens they combine
Echoing grandiose harmony
Serenity you’ll find

And so it is with people
Of every thought and hue
Diversity’s resplendency
Reflecting me and you

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